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Regardless of location, size or industry, many professional services organizations face unparalleled pressures in today's fast moving marketplace. Continuous change is the new normal rather than the exception. The same forces that have disrupted so many businesses, from manufacturing to IT to engineering, are creating challenges and driving change in professional services. In order to take advantage of market opportunities and outperform their competitors, today’s professional services organizations need to be able to monitor critical performance drivers, implement innovative business models and continually evolve service offerings that provide a competitive advantage.​


Emergence has partnered with numerous professional services clients to help them utilize technology solutions that lower costs, improve visibility and enable efficient allocation of resources.


​Emergence can help you find, design and implement a system that enables you to:​​

  • Succeed in the global marketplace by effectively managing resources, skill-sets, projects.

  • Hold off the competition in an ever more crowded market by making better and more informed decisions by assessing project risk based on a single, real-time view of over-budget projects, unmet milestones, unpaid invoices and pending proposals.

  • Manage projects effectively and deliver the work on time and under budget -  critical to meeting customer expectations. From estimating the project, budgeting and scheduling the project in a way that meets the delivery date(s) and profit goals, firms require flexibility project-based businesses in their project delivery models.

  • Optimize the project portfolio through effective forecasting and visibility into more than the details of a single project. Firms must manage pipeline, resources, and materials across all active and future projects. 


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