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As a result of our extensive experience with Microsoft Dynamics GP, understanding and solving end-users' specific needs, Emergence has developed the following GP modules. These modules have added significant value to the GP solutions of our clients and additionally the systems of clients of other Microsoft partners have invested in.  These GP enhancement modules are designed to save you time, improve your productivity and enhance your GP system capabilities.


Advanced Account Control for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Advanced Account Control (AAC) is a powerful management tool developed by Emergence to help you control a large chart of accounts in one company or across many in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

AAC solves the most common GL problems for Microsoft Dynamics GP companies with a large chart of accounts by giving you: 

  • Automatic GL account creation based on rules you define. 

  • Fast account lookup by segment with wildcard searches by description. 

  • Easy maintenance by maintaining main accounts and account segments independently. 

  • On-screen account error flags to help ensure compliance.

Bermuda Payroll & HR Suite for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Based on Microsoft Dynamics GP and tailored for the Bermuda Market.  With almost 150 clients in Bermuda, Emergence Payroll is the most widely used and properly supported HR and Payroll package used in the Bermuda market place.Using Microsoft Dynamics GP’s user friendly interface, our system is perfectly designed to handle Professional Payroll and HR needs for Reinsurance Companies, Exempt and local businesses.


The Bermuda HR and Payroll system provides full historical reporting and tracking in a secure database. Your company information is always available for your changing information requirements. From detailed pay analysis right through to General Ledger detail, your information can be tracked and reported both ways for easy audit and sharing information with your finance group.


The key to a strong Payroll and HR solution is the ability to share information within your HR Team as well as ensuring that some information (such as Payroll) is kept secure all in the same database. With our Bermuda HR and Payroll this can easily be accomplished whether your HR Department is a single person or a large team.

Bermuda Progressive Payroll Tax Calculator for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Emergence can assist you to efficiently and effectively manage the 2017 amendments to the Bermuda Payroll Tax policy.  Emergence's payroll solution - powered by Microsoft Dynamics GP - simplifies and streamlines the complex calculation process to save you time and efforts each pay cycle.  

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