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on-demand webinar

Personnel Planning: Plan For Your Most Important Resource

Effective workforce planning can be difficult because of the challenges associated with determining overall headcount.  Decision makers need greater insight into resource demands and costs associated with personnel planning.  A strategic workforce plan will help your organization avoid under-staffing, over-staffing, or misallocating employees, which can severely halt growth.

Join us for this on-demand webinar and discover how to simplify personnel planning with Prophix to give you a clear picture of all your staff costs at any level of detail your organization requires. 

Who Should Attend

Finance Professionals and HR Professionals who want to learn how to plan for personnel fluctuations to reduce the impact on their organization. 

Learning Objectives

During this webinar we will: 

  • Discuss ways to forecast attrition and workforce demand planning

  • Describe how to leverage workforce planning scenarios 

  • Develop a workforce plan to gain a productive advantage

  • Give examples of how to reduce the impact of workforce fluctuations on strategic, operating, and financial plans.  

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