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ERP Security, Audit, and Compliance Solutions from Emergence

Based on the security maturity and requirements of your organization, Emergence can help you get started with an overall risk assessment of your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, and assist you with the development and execution of a comprehensive plan for correction - leveraging our Team’s expertise along with industry leading software solutions.   

Emergence can help your organization better handle your ERP security, audit and compliance needs.

Whether your goal is to schedule periodic security reviews to ensure your systems and processes are correctly secured and up to date, address security concerns and deficiencies identified in your latest audit, or achieve better controls as a company-wide initiative, Emergence is here to help.

level 1
Security_Pillar 1.jpg

Basic User Security & System Controls

level 2
Security_Pillar 2.jpg

Segregation of Duties, Data & Information Management

level 3
Security_Pillar 3.jpg

Compliance, Organizational Goals and Data Governance

How Emergence Can Help
  • We’ll begin with a complimentary 1-hour discovery call to determine your requirements and how we can help.

  • Emergence can provide an organizational security review starting Level 1 - Basic User Security and System Controls and working towards Level 3 - Compliance, Organizational Goals and Data Governance, identifying gaps in ERP security, control and data management. 

  • Emergence will help the Finance and IT departments achieve organizational goals set forward using industry leading software and solutions

Pillar 1
Pillar 2
Pillar 3
Security_Pillar 1.jpg


Basic User Security & System Controls

This level identifies basic security requirements for posting and working with information in your ERP system.  Here, we can address the approval process for posting transactions, ensuring users only have access to processes and information in the system they need access to, and identifying areas where security is lacking inside the system.

  • Enhanced Security with Roles

  • Workflow Approvals

  • Check Approval Limits

Security_Pillar 2.jpg


Segregation of Duties, Data & Information Management

At this level, we address organizations who require greater control over segregation of duties between employees due to audit requirements or organizational policies. 


We also address organizations who may have sensitive information in their ERP system they wish to control user access to.  For example, Vendor Bank Account Information, Employee Information, etc.

  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) Payment Processing

  • Vendor Payment Controls

  • Segregation of Duty Monitoring

Security_Pillar 3.jpg


Compliance, Organizational Goals and Data Governance

At this level, we address organizations who are looking to achieve benefits in automation and are seeking to secure company processes.  Automating reconciliations and workflow will help identify fraud, missing data, and other forms of data compliance issues larger organizations are seeking from their Finance ERP systems.  By introducing automation, companies will speed up their month-end process, accurately reconciling their systems to ensure the company is operating with the greatest transparency possible.

At this level, we also address industry compliance requirements and other data governance policies that the organization is required to adhere to, ensuring all requirements are being met as efficiently as possible.

  • Compliance Task Lists

  • Workflow of Attestations

  • Account Reconciliation Automation (System-to-System)

  • Bank Reconciliation Automation (Bank-to-Systems)

  • Transaction Matching

Get Started.

Meet Your Security Solution Lead

Aaron Samuel Photo 300x300.jpg

aaron samuel


Solution Architect

Aaron Samuel is a Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified Management Accountant.   For the past 12 years, Aaron has worked with companies in various industries as a Solution Architect to implement and design ERP solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics GP and Business Central.

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