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Your Microsoft Dynamics ERP is an indispensable tool in your organization’s financial strategy, from coordinating myriad accounting processes to ensuring compliance, tracking the bottom line to reporting to stakeholders. Yet while critical to back office finance management, your Microsoft Dynamics ERP can’t do it all. The BlackLine Finance Controls and Automation cloud platform is built to complement your ERP.​

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BlackLine’s Financial Close and Reconciliation unified cloud platform integrates with and complements Microsoft Dynamics GP and enables fast growing companies to close the gaps left in financial close accounting processes.  BlackLine allows these companies to realize a more effective, efficient, and accurate period close, with real-time visibility into close progress, results, and processes. 

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Reduce risk, improve accuracy, increase visibility

BlackLine is designed to address the time-consuming and error-prone nature of traditional period end accounting practices. BlackLine’s unified cloud platform helps companies transform and modernize internal accounting processes. Through a seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics, BlackLine clients maximize team and individual efficiency, gain unprecedented visibility into critical financial processes, and reduce risk through effective enforcement of controls.

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Efficient and effective accounting

Automation reduces errors and increases productivity at the same time. When integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, the BlackLine Enhanced Finance Controls and Automation platform automates your close process. Data is seamlessly imported from Microsoft Dynamics to BlackLine, where thousands of transactions are matched in minutes and up to 80% or more of accounts are auto-certified.  Practitioners who use Microsoft Dynamics and BlackLine together not only free their accounting teams from mundane, transactional processes—empowering them to focus more on high-value analysis—but they also see significantly reduced costs in printing, production, and storage of supporting documents.

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Real-time visibility

By integrating BlackLine with Microsoft Dynamics, CFOs and controllers gain real-time visibility into financial data and high-risk items—at any time, from anywhere in the world. BlackLine delivers embedded analytics, dashboards, and configurable reports designed to help users identify discrepancies faster. Leaders can rapidly make smarter decisions, saving time and resources while also instilling confidence in the market and among financial analysts.


VIDEO: Continuous Accounting Explained

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