Save 25% Off Integrity Data Payroll Processing Add-Ons (offer ends Feb 28, 2018)

Emergence is thrilled to offer Integrity Data's Negative Payroll Transactions and Negative Deductions add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics GP clients.

Making corrections to prior payrolls can be difficult and time consuming. Microsoft Dynamics GP out of the box does not allow negative payroll transactions or deductions. With Integrity Data Payroll Processing solutions for Dynamics GP, corrections and adjustments just got easier.


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Corrections and adjustments just got easier!

Overpay an employee? No more manual adjustments to correct an employee’s pay with Negative Payroll Transactions module.

  • 1 step corrections & adjustments - Rather than using time-intensive manual check transactions (which can take up to 17 steps!), you can enter negative pay code transactions in order to reverse incorrectly paid earnings on previous payroll runs, or to make other necessary adjustments.

  • Affects all core payroll reports - The entered negative transaction is carried through the payroll process and reflected on all core payroll reports, including the Department Posting Journal, Position Posting Journal and Pay Code Posting Journal. It will also show up on the next earnings statement.

  • Automatically updates your Financials - Corrections and adjustments will flow through the entire financial posting process, allowing your financial records to stay updated and consistent: they will carry through to General Ledger (GL) entries, appropriate credits and debits are made and an audit trail is created.

Need to refund an employee? Refund employee deductions with ease and confidence with Negative Deductions module.

  • Easily correct over-withheld deductions – Refund deductions that have been over-withheld, such as health or life insurance amounts, by entering deductions as you normally would and let the system handle the rest.

  • Deductions appear on the pay stub - The deductions may appear on a check with wages (thereby affecting the wage amount) or may appear on a check with no wages (resulting in a net positive check).

  • Reporting - The system will provide a Negative Deduction Transaction Report detailing both converted and non-converted deductions that occurred during a given payroll process.

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